Sharon and Micky CIC* Journey

July 17th, 2011

Well, it was a long and rewarding journey to get to The CIC* at The Cosequine Stuart Horse Trials in Victor, NY, and there were many challenges and Bumps in the road. I could not have done it with out a HUGE Support system in place ..You see, first you need a horse that you believe in ( even if others don’t).  Then you must teach the horse to believe in you l …This takes a lot of convincing and does not happen over night, as a matter of fact it takes YEARS…Then of course you need a Fantastic Vet team.  Bidawee farm’s team is Dr Joe Davis at Piedmont Equine, a farrier that should be nominated for sainthood, and a coach with Never say quit attitude. I was fortunate enough to have all these things fall into place at the same time and the reward was BIG !! .. Not only did we complete one of the toughest CIC* the USEA has to offer, but we also brought home a BLUE RIBBON !!!  Mickey And I recieved The Purple Haze Award for the highest placed OTTB award in The International CIC* Division…

July 15th, 2011

Sharon and Micky put in a very impressive dressage test, score 63.8%, putting them in the middle of the pack. On to the fun and games tomorrow!

 July 14th, 2011

With heightened nerves and anticipation, Sharon and Natalie prepared Mickey for his first CIC* jog inspection.  Miesque Star is accepted. YAY!!!!! One hurdle down…. On to the dressage phase tomorrow….Good Luck to them both.

July 13th, 2011

Sharon, Mickey, and her groom Natalie, headed up to Piedmont early Wednesday morning, to check Mickey one last time, prior to the long drive up to NY.  Dr. Joe Davis, gave them the thumbs up,  so off they went.  The journey was luckily uneventful and all passengers, including Joe-Joe, Sharon’s new dog, arrived in good condition.   More to come….

July 2011


Click on link for more details on the Horse Trial and to follow Sharon and Micky as they progress through the phases.  Good luck!!!!

june27June 27th 2011

Mickey and Sharon were the second to last competitors to ride at the Compass Rose Dressage show this weekend in Haymarket Virginia. By the end of the day the clouds had rolled in for some much needed relief from the June heat. This show provided the pair with the opportunity to practice the FEI * star test  in a regulation size dressage ring before heading off to the Stuart HT in July. Sharon entered to practice the test twice, with hopes of improvement on the second ride after the judges comments. Mickey was a star and scored a 31.67 on the 1st test ride. With the judges in sight we improved our score and bought home a 28.75 for the 2nd test.  Very impressing scoring for this pair’s first showing at FEI level.  The 1 star entry is in the mail!!!!

June 2nd, 2011

Follow along as Sharon and Mickey make there final bid for the CIC* at the Cosequine Stuart Horse Trials July 13-18,  in beautiful Victory,  NY.

Already fully qualified, we are looking  forward to a couple more runs at the Preliminary level starting the weekend of June 11th at Rubicon HT in Leesburg, VA.

This horse trial is always run beautifully, and everyone involved is wonderful, making  Rubicon, a horse trials, one no one wants to miss.

Seneca Valley HT will be next up for Mickey, on June 18th in  Poolsville, MD, another fabulous venue, hosting wonderfully constructed X-C jumps to gallop.

The final outing, before heading to Stuart, will be the Compass Rose Dressage show giving this dynamic duo the perfect opportunity to practice the FEI* star dressage test. Stay tuned for the ups and downs that are sure to pave the path on our way to Stuart!