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Hope to see you there !

June 9, 2021

Hey Sharon! Just wanted to give you an update on Hankey Doodle–he has done some pretty amazing things in the last two years! He and I building a wonderful partnership and having a blast learning dressage and doing some jumping! But he’s also become a confident and wonderful horse for beginners, intermediates and advanced riders to take lessons on. He has the biggest heart and wants nothing more than to make his rider happy! He had a big accomplishment this week when a young woman, who happens to be a para dressage athlete, rode him for the first time! He tuned into her immediately and was careful and sensitive to every request she asked of him! She adored him and said she has never felt more confident! I don’t know if I could have been more proud if he’d won Rolex Kentucky! He is a part of me I didn’t know I was missing and owning him has made me a better horse woman and a better person. Every time I see him, I have to pinch myself a little that he’s mine! From my first conversation with you about him, I knew he was something special… And you were so right! Thank you so much for bringing him into my life!

May 26, 2021

Meet Vampa, Sharon’s newest project horse. And YES Vampa is TB. Straight off the track. Sourced by Sharon’s good friend, Lucy, from Penn National race Track. I can’t wait to get him out and about to show him what everything is all about. If you see us out give a shout. Would love to catch up with some of you all!

May 24, 2021

Things around Bidawee farm are in full swing this spring. Bandini has come up for a 3 month training camp and is doing excellent and his brother from Leesburg is also here for a 2 month training session. I’m so happy to have Christy Diaz Keckley’s horse back in my barn, He was at one time a Bidawee sales horse. Shannon Mayo also has Hoodu here for a turn up. Thrilled to have him aboard. And my baby Vampa is learning quickly the phases of eventing. Looks like it is going to be a busy summer. Congratulations to Kira and her lease on one of my favorites in the barn “Max”. We look forward to having her part of the team!! If you’re looking for a spot to take lessons on your own horse or one of mine I have small openings available please call or contact me by email. Looking forward to hearing from you. And have a great summer.